CNS 4269 SMA400BW Equivalent GB/T 4171 Q235NH/L52350 plate

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CNS 4269 SMA400BW Equivalent GB/T 4171 Q235NH/L52350 Plate
Our factory (CHINA UITED IRON AND STEEL LIMITED) supplied the weathering resistant steel plate for many years. We have 6000tons Weathering resistant plate warehouse and stock, Thickness is 1mm to 80mm, width 1200mm to 3000mm.
1. GB/T 4171-2008
Q235NH, Q295NH, Q355HN, Q415NH, Q460NQ, Q295NH, Q355GNH, Q415NH, Q460NH, Q500NH, Q550NH, Q265GNH, Q310GNH
2. Size: Thickness 1mm to 8mm, 8mm to 120mm
         Width: 10mm to 2500mm
         Length: 10mm to 12000mm
         Max weight of each plate: 7 Tons.
3. Delivery time: 5days or earlier.
4 Payment Item: TT or LC.
5. Steel Plate Service: Cutting service, stainless cutting parts, disk stainless plate and others requirement for our customers.
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EN10025-2 Super thickness Steel plate
S235JR S235J0 S235J2
S275JR S275J0 S275J2
S355JR S355J0 S355J2
S355K2 S450J0 S355J2G3
EN10025-2 specification is non-alloy structural steel plate, covers S235JR, S235J0, S235J2, S355JR, S355J0, S355K2, S450J0.
EN10025-3 Super thickness Steel plate
S275N S275NL S355N
S355NL S420N S420NL
S460N S460NL  
EN10025-3 specification for normalized or normalized rolled weldable fine grain structural steel plates S275N, S275NL, S355N, S355NL, S420N, S420NL, S460N, S460NL.
EN 10025-4 Super Thick Plate
S275M S275ML S355M
S355ML S420M S420ML
S460M S460ML  
EN10025-4 specification for thermomechanical rolled weldable fine grain structural steel plates S275M, S275ML, S355M, S355ML, S420M, S420ML, S460M, S460ML.
ASTM A633 alloy steel plate  Super thickness Steel plate
A633 Grade A A633 Grade C A633 Grade D A633 Grade E
ASTM A633 specification is normalized low alloy high strength steel plates A633 Grade A,  A633 Grade C, A633 Grade D, A633 Grade E.
ASTM A573 steel plate  Super thickness Steel plate
A573 Grade 58 A573 Grade 65 A573 Grade 70  
ASTM A573 specification for improved toughness structural carbon steel plates, covers carbon-manganese-silicon steel pates A573 Grade 58, A573 Grade 65, A573 Grade 70.
ASTM A572 Steel Plate  Super thickness Steel plate
A572 Grade 42 A572 Grade 50 A572 Grade 55 A572 Grade 60
A572 Grade 65      
ASTM A572 standard specification high strength low alloy Columbium-Vanadium structural steel plates A572 Grade 42, A572 Grade 50, A572 Grade 55, A572 Grade 60, A572 Grade 65. 
DIN17100 steel plate Super thickness Steel plate
ST33 ST37-2 ST37-3 ST44-2
ST44-3 ST50-2 ST52-3 ST60-2
DIN17100 cover structural steel plates ST33, ST37-2, ST37-3, ST44-2, ST44-3, ST50-2, ST52-3, ST60-2, ST70-2
JIS G3106 steel plate Super thickness Steel plate
SM570 SM520C SM520B SM490A
SM490B SM490C SM490YA SM490YB
SM400A SM400B SM400C  
JIS G3106 specification covers SM570, SM520C, SM520B, SM490A, SM490B, SM490C, SM490YA, SM490YB, SM400A, SM400B, SM400C
 A709 structural steel for bridges Super thickness Steel plate
A709 Grade 36 A709 Grade 50 A709 Grade 50S
A709 Gr HPS 50W A709 Gr HPS 70W A709 Grade 100
A709 Gr HPS 100W A709 Grade 50W A709 Grade 100W
ASTM A709 specification covers carbon and high strength low alloy steel structural plates A709 Grade 36, A709 Grade 50, A709 Grade 50S, A709 Grade 50W,A709 Gr HPS 50W ,A709 Gr HPS 70W,A709 Grade 100,A709 Grade 100W,A709 Gr HPS 100W.
ASTM A283 Steel Plate Super thickness Steel plate
A283 Grade A A283 Grade B A283 Grade C A283 Grade D
ASTM A283 low and intermediate tensile strength carbon steel plates A283 Grade A, A283 Grade B, A283 Grade C, A283 Grade D.
EN 10025-6 Steel Plate Super thickness Steel plate
S960QL S960Q S890QL1 S890QL
S890Q S690Q S690QL S690QL1
S620Q S620QL S620QL1 S550QL1
S550QL S550Q S500QL1 S500QL
S500Q S460Q S460QL S460QL1
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